CompuApps DriveWizard Prof

CompuApps DriveWizard Prof 3.13

Powerful solution for Data Migration (hard disk drive cloning) and Backup
3.13 (See all)

Powerful solution for Data Migration (hard disk drive cloning and upgrading) and Backup. DriveWizard Professional takes DriveWizard one step further by providing you the flexibility of being able to use several types of storage media such as DVD RW, DVD-RW etc. Have the complete backup you need when errors or system failures occur.
CompuApps DriveWizard is similar to buying insurance – you never know when a disaster will happen. With DriveWizard, each backup takes a complete image/clone of your hard drive or just the partitions you specify including OS, programs, files, and settings.
DriveWizard allows you to rest easy knowing that your data is safe and secure. You don’t have to worry about selecting each file or program or trying to remember what you chose to save; everything is automatically backed up.
Main features:
-Backup without leaving Windows.
-Clone and upgrade hard drives.
-Downgrade to a smaller size disk drive in case you wish to use a smaller capacity hard disk drive.
-Restore your entire system or individual files.
-Schedule automatic Backups.
-Prepare Backup images.
-Save to any internal drive (IDE, SATA etc.) or external drive (CD or DVD burners, USB or FireWire devices, PCMCIA and network locations). Use “instant imaging technology” to create backups without leaving Windows.
-Span images over several DVD/ CD-R media

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